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Four shades of Royal Effem BB Cream just launched BB of course stands for blemish balm and this type of product was beginning to explode at the end of 2011. It is somewhat of a miracle cream, it is a primer and concealer that smoothes out the texture and tone of the skin, it also heals and therefore great for combination skin with blemishes to cover and it nourishes and hydrates so addresses normal and dry skin also.

It can be used over a moisturiser and alone or can be mixed with foundation and applied over moisturiser or between moisturiser and foundation. It contains Vitamin E for anti-ageing, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, Grape Seed Oil is an anti-oxidant and Liquorice and Chamomile heal and soothe, BB Cream does not contain parabens or allergens.

Size: 30 ml e 1 fl. oz.


DESCRIPTION: The Rejuvenating Primer is a liquid gel with a semi-matte effect. It is applied over a moisturiser to provide a smoother surface for foundation to sit on top of. It contains AT Peptides a renowned anti-ageing skincare ingredient of amino acids that stimulate collagen production. The Rejuvenating Primer keeps foundation fresher for longer and offers an overall smoother and more professional finish.

SIZE: 30ml

PRICE: £28.00

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