Delight Fluid Bronzer SPF 10

Ref: 1279

A fantastic bronzer in liquid form in four beautifully natural golden tones. With really sheer coverage, Delight Fluid Bronzer offers light reflective pearls helping to minimise skin imperfections, Lettuce and Eutermorpha Compressa offer a regenerating, firming, refreshing and soothing action whilst Hyaluronic Acid offers hydration and a general SPF 10 protection.

Delight Fluid Bronzer, with it’s pump dispenser application offers clients a sun kissed effect without the weight of a foundation or the powder effect of a bronzer, perfect throughout Summer and the first few days of holiday, when foundation is just too much but the complexion is not quite ready to go bare. This product is so much better than a tinted moisturiser, most are either really greasy or separate on the skin leaving it looking really blotchy.