Colour & Protection lip gloss
Ref. 0148

What is the best lipgloss for your summer? Summer is coming and woman's lips can look amazing with sensual colour & protection lip gloss for an unforgettable summer.

It is shiny, it is sparkly, it is brilliant, it is glossy and a great novelty. It protects lips against ageing process and UV rays.

The lightly textured colour & protection lip gloss SPF 20 has a delicious coconut vanilla taste that delivers spectacular shine effect with our gorgeous colour shades of coral, orange and pink.

Royal Effem speaks the language of makeup and wellness.

Colour & Protection lip gloss SPF 20 is an amazing lip enhancing gloss as well as a treatment for the lips. It contains medium sun protecting factor (SPF) 20 and different active ingredients such as Avocado Oil with protective and emollient function. It is perfect for dry lips in the summer period as it also contains Coconut Oil with its hydrating properties. The gloss is also paraben free.