Extreme Lasting Matt Foundation

Creamy consistency with high covering and power, conceals any imperfection with a mat effect.
Excellent water resistance, long lasting, needs no retouching during the day. Contains extracts of ash buds and vitamin A and E complex with anti-radical properties, gamma rhizanol and tioxide for a natural protective barrier against UV-A and UV-B rays.


New Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation with a SPF15

From Nee Make-up Milan

The new smoothing foundation from Nee Make-up Milan has an Oxygen Complex that helps to stimulate cell metabolism, brighten and regenerate the skin, Yeast Extract with vitamin B, amino acids and minerals is added to stimulate collagen production and renew the complexion and Hexapeptide-3 helps to relax facial muscle tension meaning that expression lines become less noticeable. ‘Not just a foundation but a new generation of foundation’ that is a real facial treatment offering the appearance of a smoother more even complexion in texture and tone, but indeed overtime the skin itself becomes smoother and more even. The Perfect Skin Oxygen Foundation is light and covering, extremely easy to apply, is available in 4 extremely natural shades and has a SPF15.

Retail Price £33.50

Extreme Lasting Foundation Shades

801 Replaced With OX0

802 Replaced With OX1

803 Replaced With OX2

804 Replaced With OX3


SHADES: 3 128 129 129

DESCRIPTION: The Liquid Powder Matte Foundation is a special highly covering oil free formula designed to keep skin shine free for up to 12 hours. It contains quince extract to keep the skin balanced and calm, hyaluronic acid maintains moisture levels and the super covering texture ensures the complexion is flawless with a smoothing effect on lines and large pores.

SIZE: 30ML  SKIN TYPE BEST SUITED TO: oily-combination skin