Magnific H20 Waterproof Liner

Ref: 0160

Magnific H2o proofliner is an exclusive, precious and magnetic waterproof eyeliner.

The texture is extremely slider and soft and the product can be easily applied with an extra comfort. The creamy consistency enhances a clean outline free of smearing. The quick drying effect gives a plastic finish to the application.The look of the eyeliner is multireflex thanks to the presence of special fine and pure pigments.

Colour: BLACK


The formula contains a polymer with high resistance to water.  An exclusive fix colour complex assures an impeccable outfit for perfect and eccentric long-lasting draws. Exclusive multireflex pigments, infinitesimal for dimension but chromatically voluminous for an unusual ink effect !


Magnific H2o proofliner is:

    Free from parabens and fragrances

    Free from animal derived ingredients

    Dermatologically tested

    Finished product not tested on animals


Draw a thin outline on the upper edge of the eyelashes for a natural look; for a more dramatic effect, thicken the line and draw it outwards, toward the outer corner.

6ml e 0.20 fl.oz.