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Royal Effem make up and cosmetics means caring for the skin and having respect for nature whilst in pursuit of beauty. Harmonious make up colours and well balanced ingredients with only the most advanced technology bringing out every woman’s natural beauty.

Laboratori Royal, the creators of Royal Effem was established over 50 years ago and is a manufacturer of luxurious, classical yet contemporary Italian makeup and skin care products that are distributed to over 30 countries worldwide and promoted through the most luxurious spa and perfumery channels.

Royal Effem doesn’t follow fashion but directs it, bringing the classic and the traditional together with the bang on trend of the day. Celebrities love Royal Effem all over the world, as do many leading make-up artists and training academies. Cosmetics with outstanding quality and performance like Royal Effem’s best selling foundation. ‘Extreme Lasting Foundation’ with a 12 hour guarantee has an enormously loyal fan base with literally millions sold every year internationally.

Many experience it for the first time for their wedding day, see that it looks amazing on photographs and lasts long into the night no wonder they then become hooked!!

ROYAL EFFEM offers a complete line of make-up products with prescriptive foundations, lip, nail, eye, cheek colour and beautiful cosmetic brushes and is as beneficial to the skin as any skincare line. Containing a long list of exceptional ingredients like Vitamin A, E and C, Silk Protein, Gamma Orizanol, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Ceramides and minerals to name but a few, the complexion is protected against photo-ageing and formation of brown age spots, daily de-hydration, free radical formation and general pollution and UVA/UVB exposure.

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